Highways to Boulevards: MIAMI

The Highways to Boulevards project seeks to undo the blighting effect of highways on our urban centers. Highways to Boulevards: Miami is a project that envisions the complete redesign of the interstate system in downtown Miami. The work is the result of a studio at the University of Miami School of Architecture. The objective of the studio is to produce a vision for new transportation infrastructure for Downtown Miami that seeks to heal blight and repair the connectivity of the Downtown urban fabric, which was compromised by the construction of I-95 and I-395 in previous decades.


6 thoughts on “Highways to Boulevards: MIAMI”

  1. This is the best idea that I have ever seen.

    I-95 brought commerce to Miami and built it as a great city … and it destroyed our neighborhoods.

    Until I-95 we drove as easily to Shell City on NW 7th Avenue as to the 163rd Street Shopping Center; Norland, Edison and Miami Central were in the same “neighborhood”; and I rode my bike across town.

    – John

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