Public Town Hall Meeting about Proposed US 1/Busway Express Toll Lanes

Should a toll express lane be constructed on this valuable transit artery? Make plans to attend this informative public discussion meeting regarding the MPO’s(Metropolitan Planing Organization) plan to convert the busway into a tolled Express style highway.  MDX(Miami-Dade Expressway Authority), public officials and transit experts will be on hand to answer questions.

Public meeting about proposed Express Toll Lanes on South Dade Busway

(click the above image to download the PDF version or to print out hi resolution copy)

2 thoughts on “Public Town Hall Meeting about Proposed US 1/Busway Express Toll Lanes”

  1. HomesteadisHome supports Metrorail to Homestead not another Toll Road. We need green solutions to our transportation problems not more of the same. We understand MDX’s motivation in that Toll Roads have become the modern “cash cow” to pay for transportation projects. This of course is a short sighted solution to long term problems. We need to impress upon our county leaders that they need to work with us on a viable solution not have a solution shoved down our throats!

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