The Problem With Transit in Miami

The Problem with transportation in Miami-Dade County lies with years of inaction and mismanagement. This is our diagnosis of what the problem with transportation is in Miami-Dade. Our solution is in the creation of the Miami-Dade Transportation Authority.

  1. The Problem with Transportation Planning in Miami-Dade
    • Disconnected modes that should work together
    • Lack of accountability and transparency in planning
      • MDX plans and expand without transparent public input
      • MDT cannot expand without bankrupting County govt; mired in politics
      •  MDX exacerbates traffic and safety problems without accountability to users: Tollation without representation
    • Lack of options
      • MDX trying to expand without other options.
      • No real expansion of transit beyond MIC/Earlington Heights
  • Bloated county government
    • MDT is the second largest county department with limited efficiency
  • Solution: Unify transportation agencies: Miami-Dade transportation Authority – MDTA
    • Agency with a mandate to balance transportation options
    • Reform PTP and ½ tax
    • Share toll revenue, ROW to ensure transit expansion`
    • Expand transit to places that warrant higher service
    • Stop highway expansion – we do not need more highways
    • Ensure roads are designed for pedestrians, cyclists, transit users AND cars
    • Reach realistic goals over the next 50 years
    • Provide 21 century outreach and access to data
  • Three step plan:
    • Establish MDTA
    • Reform MPO
    • Adopt new PTP & Budget

2 thoughts on “The Problem With Transit in Miami”

  1. You have clearly identified the problem with transportation in this town. We need a unified transit authority working with a broader long term view. More highways do not provide a sustainable solution. It’s short term gain for long term pain. Bravo MoveMiamiDade!

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