Transit Tax Being Spent on Highways

Most probably don’t know this, but the CITT recently updated its website to show all of the new projects they are funding. Does anyone see a problem with this picture??

Below are the major transit projects proposed by the PTP

Funding of major highway and road improvements undertaken by Miami-Dade County Public Works through 2014 is among the many long-term benefits of the People’s Transportation Plan. These projects include:

  • Creating viable reverse flow lanes on major thoroughfares

  • Construction of NW 87th Avenue between NW 154th Street and Miami Gardens Drive ( NW 183rd Street)

  • Accelerating program to provide ADA accessibility to bus stops throughout the County

  • Constructing major ingress/egress improvements in downtown Miami, from SW 8th Street to SW First Avenue

  • Upgrading the County’s traffic signalization system

  • Funding grade separation of intersections where appropriate

An underpass at 87 ave and 8th street, to be funded by the half cent transit tax. Is this a joke??
An underpass at 87 ave and 8th street, to be funded by the half cent transit tax. Is this a joke??

In recent facebook post Miami-Dade transit had this to say:

In 2008, our elected officials admitted publicly, at a transportation forum held in November of that year and covered by the media, that a half-penny’s worth of taxes was not enough to fund the rail lines depicted. Since then the focus has been on bus rapid transit on managed lanes. We remain committed to providing the best possible service with the resources we have available.”


Managed lanes (read: lexus lanes) for transit!??? Our tax dollars are being spent to make high speed lexus lanes for the wealthy. Great. #epicfail

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    1. Now that you mention it, it does have a bit of a 70s feel about it. But would I have gspared that without you mentioning it? Not sure. Still love light-streak shots though. But I can never tear myself away from the colour version.

    2. Please stop the government from slnitaeg money from innocent tax paying citizens. Enough is enough. When is common sense and trust going to be reestablished in todays politics. Your recent road tolls on the 874 and 878 are totally ridiculous and I don’t even travel on them that much.

  1. Our Facebook post was a reply to a blog entry posted on Facebook asking what happened to the rail improvements promised in 2001. It merely repeated what was stated publicly at the 2008 Summit. Nothing was written in our post that wasn’t already available since November 2008. Addressing the issues behind those difficulties is really beyond our job description, and is better left to be discussed in public forums with your elected representatives.

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    2. I just finished pinyag a uniform traffic citation of $245. I received the citation in December of 2012. They billed me transactions dating 9/22/2011 it states a history of opportunities of payments which is a lie. I never received any notice. I just paid for it because i don’t have the time what do we have a sunpass for? Why are we letting MDX scam us? I tried calling MDX customer service and they were the rudest people. Worst than credit card companies!! What was wrong with the toll system we had before?

      1. How about we all get together as tax paryes of this county and the rightful owners of these highways and completely stop paying these thiefs? How about that? When one individual does it MDX laughs at it, but if everyone in the community rallies and completely stops payments then we crash the system and break the money hungry fix that these thieves are on. These highways were bought and paid for by our fathers taxes. For us to accept that the idea of roll back is not possible because of payment structure, we are dishonoring the very memory and ideas that built these highways. MDX should have asked us, the rightful owners, if it was OK to sell us out. MDX should have asked OUT LOUD for everyone in the community to have had a say so, not hidden away in some room full of bureaucrats that made it OK to steal our money. Nothing new to this country since we have been sold out to China. It is happening all over and we are sitting idle and doing nothing about it. STOP PAYMENT TO THESE THIEFS calling themselfs MDX. Thank you, Fernando J Nunez

    1. We should video every politician and commissioner votes and hold them accountable. Yes, put it up on YouTube, like a wall of shame or something. Elected individuals need to feel the political pain of falling back on promises or agreements with voters. We want our “real” transit that we voted for and have been funding.

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      2. MDX MAKES POLICY TO SUIT THEMSELVES.I got 5 uniform trffaic citations dated 4/28/2011. I received the citationsapprx. august 10 2011. Now unless my math has gotten pretty bad,that is 4 month time frame.I paid the tickets along with the rest of my tolls.New invoice received sept. 19 2011/due date 10/4/2011.This a 15 day grace THANKS!! 1 toll 3.00 1 admin. charges 2.50. This is a one month time frame.RE: NOTICE OF TOLL PAYMENT DUEYou are receiving this invoice for toll transactions listed.Please pay the total amount due by the due date toprevent incurring additional fees, or potential citationsissued by the florida department of transportation.DO THEY HAVE TO FOLLOW SOME TYPE OF GUIDE LINES ???????IF I DON’T PAY THIS AM I GOING TWO TICKETS FROM FLORIDA??????IF I DON’T PAY THE I WILL GET FINED BUT HOW IS THAT ASSESSED ??????IF I DON’T PAY THIS AND THE NEXT ONE DO I GET FINES & TICKETS??????I WONDER IF MDX KNOWS THE ANSWER TO THESE QUESTIONSOR DO THEY JUST GO BY THEIR FINANCES THAT DAY!!!SERIOUSLY IF KNOWS WHERE I CAN FIND A PAGE FOR THESEGUIDLINES CAN YOU PLEAE POST IT.

  2. Mijn vraag is alleen waar je bent gaan staan om deze foto’s te maken. De 50mm zou erop kuennn wijzen dat je op zo’n bordhouder (die grote lichtbakken met de plaatsnamen erop)op de brusselse ring bent gaan staan. Op de achtergrond zie je er nog 2 staan.Of was het gewoon een viaduct?

    1. Fernando,Since starting Roll Back Tolls we have lenerad many things about MDX. Mainly that they do not take any tax money for building or maintaining the roads and highways under their control. So we as tax payers really have no say in the argument. Now, you as a toll payer do have a voice. You can join us in being more informed and taking an active position in apposing MDX. If you feel the toll rates are too high, or that MDX is too ambitious with its plans to expand the highway toll system without your input then keep coming back to our website and write your comments or better yet, ideas and suggestions to change or improve MDX. Speak your mind on our Facebook or Twitter pages. Or better yet, show up with us to the board and committee meetings and workshops. This is where we plan to make things happen. If you pay the tolls you have a right to speak up and show up.One idea which many people are employing to protest the tolls is to not take the toll roads. I for one have reduce my MDX toll bill by 65% just by taking side road and some back streets. Now, if you don’t pay your toll by plate bill or Sun Pass bill, you will be in for a rude awakening when it comes time to re-new your tag or license. They will eventually get their money.

    2. Is terrible on 874/ or 878 in less than1/2 a mile they cahgre twice I need to use the route four times a day to bring my grandaughter toand from school I leave in N. Miami and she is in a special private school in Kendall is really to costing for the citizen the way the economy is now is not fair .. Regular tolls we have enough now also this one . Please reconsider everyone will be moving out of Florida or I should say Dae and Broward county

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